About Us

Andrea is a writer, filmmaker, wannabe photographer and digital media enthusiast. She has a degree in journalism and a masters of communication in digital media, and this blog is her pet project! She spends her free time stalking travel and fashion blogs, taking pictures, reading every book she can get her hands on, obsessively checking plane ticket prices to anywhere and everywhere, and trying really hard not to shop online. 

Matt is a teacher, coach, runner, scientist and sci-fi nerd. He has a degree in biology and a masters in teaching, and he only posts on this blog when Andrea makes him. He spends his free time reading nerdy books about dragons, playing video games, reading The New York Times, spoiling his wife, and going for runs when he can muster the motivation.

We met in 2007 through mutual friends, and when on that first night Matt picked all the pepperoni off Andrea’s pizza (because he knew she didn’t like it), she knew he was a keeper. Almost exactly four years later, we tied the knot on a sunny day in our beautiful Seattle. We both have nearly obsessive love affairs with books, cats, traveling, and of course, each other.

We embarked on our second big adventure soon after our wedding–we quit our jobs as a marketing copywriter and a high school science teacher, put our wedding gifts in storage, left our home in Seattle and moved to South Korea to teach English. From here we plan on indulging in our wanderlust as much as possible, experiencing new cultures, foods, and people, planning a round-the-world trip, and documenting it every step of the way. We hope you enjoy walking about the world with us!

          Love always,

          Andrea & Matt


6 responses to “About Us”

  1. Robin Jean Marie says :

    Now’s the time! So glad you’re following your dreams and indulging that wanderlust–enjoy!

  2. wanderinggenie says :

    Best of luck dear friends. May your path be smooth, the wind always at your backs, and the soft glow of wondrous sunsets fill your eyes for years to come. Welcome to the wandering band of vagabonds. Cheers

  3. Spiritual World Traveler says :

    Wow! Sounds like an adventure! Looking forward to following along. 😀

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