East Meets Further East: Eating Indian Food in Seoul

If there’s one thing Korea’s not lacking, it’s good food. As I’ve mentioned before, food is cheap, and usually very delicious. However, one thing Seoul is lacking a little bit is good foreign food. There’s a little of everything, but the foreign restaurants are flung far across the massive city of Seoul, and they’re also usually more expensive than Korean food. When it comes down to it, you can find basically every kind of cuisine, but you just have to search a little bit.

One thing that’s not as hard to find here as other foreign cuisines is Indian food. Because a lot of people from that part of the world work in factories in Korea, there are some pretty decent Indian food joints–we even have two places in our little town! But by far, the best we’ve had here in Korea is Everest Restaurant, in the Dongdaemun neighborhood of Seoul.

We found this gem through our friend Andrew, and even though it’s far away and hard to find, we manage to get there pretty frequently. It’s a Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan restaurant, and most of the staff are actually from those regions. Everyone who works there can speak nearly perfect English too, which is a nice bonus. They have a large variety of items, including chicken, lamb and veggie dishes, several kinds of naan, and lots of popular Indian drinks (like lassis and mango juice). They also have really cheap beer, which Matt appreciates.


The aftermath.

The entire restaurant is covered in trinkets and decor from India, Nepal and Tibet, and they even sell a small selection of items from these countries. Plus, there’s always a Bollywood movie playing on the television–and who doesn’t love to see a good song and dance number to cheesy Indian music while eating? I know we do.

To get to Everest Restaurant, take Seoul Subway line 1 to Dongdaemun. From there, take exit 3, and walk straight until you reach the end of the block. Turn left, and then take a right down an alley. The restaurant is on the second floor of the building that will be in front of you–watch for the signs. 


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11 responses to “East Meets Further East: Eating Indian Food in Seoul”

  1. Elena says :

    gosh, this looks so delicious!!

  2. Rachel says :

    There’s also an Everest in Yeongdeungpo, for those of us who live west of Seoul 🙂

  3. Jeff says :

    We tried the Everest location in Yeongdeungpo and it was the best we had for awhile. They even told us where they buy their ingredients. When we tried Arabesque in Dongincheon though, Everest was blown out of the water. They have some of the best butter chicken I’ve had anywhere and part of their menu is Middle Eastern food. A pretty far trek from your side of Seoul though.

  4. Vantageist says :

    I’m a big fan of the Everest at Yeongdeungpo station. The Nepalese Mother and two daughters that work there are extraordinarily cheerful and hospitable. Have a new menu too which added a bit more variety, samosas, aalu pratha and dal makhani are superb. Cheers!

    • andreasherrodd says :

      Yah, one of the reasons I like Everest better than some other Indian-type places around Korea is that they have such a big menu! The little place in my town only has about 5 options. I personally like to order several things and try a little bit of everything, which is why Everest is perfect!

  5. andiperullo says :

    That food looks incredible!

  6. Amy says :

    There is another best restaurant for Indian cuisine JYOTI RESTAURANT. It is in sinchon station close to Yonsei university. All the foods are superb. Phone no is 02-703-3535

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