What We’ll Be Doing, Where We’ll Be Wandering.

Like I said yesterday, we haven’t been doing much lately. But that will all change soon–we have a lot of fun and exciting plans lined up for the next few months! Since we spent our winter holidays frolicking around Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, we’ve decided to stay a little closer to home for the spring and summer holidays, and explore Korea a little more.

So here’s what we have planned for the following months…

Next weekend is a long weekend because it’s Buddah’s birthday, so we taking three days to explore the southern part of South Korea and check out the city Busan. We’ve been near this area before when we went to Gyeongju and Ulsan, but it was winter then, and I’m excited to hang out on the beach now that it’s warm!

Busan II

Busan: Photo by Jens-Olaf Walter.

Busan 008

Busan Beach: Photo by Kimberly Hiller.

At the end of June, my sister and her boyfriend are coming to Korea to visit us! They are pretty awesome–they’re essentially doing a “mini” round the world trip in two weeks: one week in Belgium for a friend’s wedding, then flying straight to Korea to spend one week gorging on kimchi and drinking soju with us. I AM SO EXCITED.

My sister Jillian and her boyfriend Conor.

No firm plans for July yet–but it will be our one year wedding anniversary (holy cow, time flies!), so we’d better think of something fun to do! Suggestions are welcomed…anybody know of any good weekend trips around Seoul?

I can’t believe this was almost a year ago! Photo by Jenny GG Photography.

In August we have about a week of vacation time we can use, so we’re thinking of exploring one of Korea’s islands, perhaps Jeju Island or Ulleungdo Island. Again, I am open to suggestions–I’m worried both of these islands will be too crowded and crazy this time of year, and I really want to find a peaceful place with a beach to just chill out…anybody have any ideas for me? Please, send them my way!

Jeju Island 제주도

Jeju Island: Photo by Justin De La Ornellas.

Harbour at Ulleung Island

Harbour at Ulleung Island: Photo by watchsmart.

Now I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but I might as well keep rolling with it…in September my awesome friend and long-time roommate Meg (from the adorable style and lifestyle blog Wear To Go From Here) and her boyfriend (who also happens to be one of Matt’s best friends from college) will be coming to visit. Side story: these two starting dating after our wedding, so basically, we are the best unintentional matchmakers ever!

Our friends Frank and Meg are coming! Hooray!

And THEN it will be October before we know it, which will mark one year in Korea, and my parents are coming to visit!

I don’t know if Korea is ready for my family…

We certainly have some fun and crazy times coming up. We hope you’ll stay tuned!


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11 responses to “What We’ll Be Doing, Where We’ll Be Wandering.”

  1. waterfallsandcaribous says :

    How weird is this – we will hit our one year mark in Korea at the same time as you at which time my parents are also visiting AND our 1 year wedding anniversary is also in July…!

    Busan is fabulous, so much to see and do. Everyone checks out Haeundae but we really love the university areas of Kyungsung and PNU (there’s great art and burgers to be found), Nampo is fun for shopping and sightseeing up the tower and Gwangalli is a great beach with a fun vibe. There’s an awesome Kiwi Bar there too 🙂

  2. Meg says :

    Yay! I can’t wait, September can’t come fast enough!!

  3. Alison says :

    And THEN in December, Thailand round two with your favorite friends Alison and Marc!

  4. Ranadive Neelenchery says :

    Beautiful Clicks 🙂

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