We’ve Been Being Lazy, But You Would Be Too.

I feel like lately I don’t have anything exciting to talk about…instead of doing cultural things in Seoul like we did when it was cold, lately we have been being lazy and enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather and eploring our local area a bit more.

Rather than bore you with descriptions of our lazy days, here are some photos that sum it up pretty well!

We’ve been people watching and reading in our local park.

We went to a rooftop barbecue.

We’ve been walking around and exploring Gwangju more.

We’ve been eating more duck than usual. Recently, the bloggers from World Flavor hoofed it over from Incheon so we could give them a taste of our favorite Korean food. You can read their thoughts about it here.

We checked out a Western-style restaurant and bar in a nearby town–free pool and delicious fries!

…and that’s about all. Basically, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying spring in Korea.

How are you spending your spring-time days?


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12 responses to “We’ve Been Being Lazy, But You Would Be Too.”

  1. Elena says :

    last picture is hilarious! : ))

  2. Rachel says :

    And it was soooo delicious 🙂

    Jeff’s parents fly in tomorrow so my activity level is going to go way up!

  3. waterfallsandcaribous says :

    Were those REAL sausages at your BBQ?!

    • andreasherrodd says :

      Haha, I actually don’t know…I don’t eat pork, so I brought a turkey burger for myself. The turkey burgers came from Costco though, so I bet you could get real sausages there as well!

      • waterfallsandcaribous says :

        Sigh…everything, including Costco, is SO far away from us. The only sausages in our reach are those funny coloured, over processed, weird Korean-y ones. Green sausages?! Hmmm. Strangey…

      • andreasherrodd says :

        We have to travel over an hour to get to the Costco…but every now and then, it’s worth it! I made my husband go to Costco during one of his day’s off to get me the turkey burgers…I miss eating turkey so much!

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