Aloha, Hawaii!

The last few weeks in Korea have been deliciously warm and have had me dreaming of the beach. I was thinking back, trying to remember the best beach I’ve ever been to, and I thought of the amazing beach we stayed near on a trip to Hawaii a couple of years ago.

Two summers ago, I was in desperate need of a vacation. I was working full-time as a marketing copywriter and going to school at night for my masters degree. That summer I made the particularly bad decision to not take the summer off from school–and not only did I not take the summer quarter off, but I chose to double my course load in an effort to finish school a little faster, which included taking a course that required me to film and produce three films for some local nonprofits. I also happened to be planning my wedding, covering some extra stuff at work since my boss was on maternity leave, and caring for our very ill older cat. Needless to say, it was rough, and I don’t think I have ever been more tired, stressed out and in need of a vacation ever before or since.

So when we found super cheap plane tickets to Hawaii and found out we could stay with some of Matt’s family friends, we obviously jumped at the chance. We managed to squeeze in a short but ridiculously relaxing jaunt to the island of Oahu before the next quarter started, and it was one of the best vacations of my life. Here’s a little taste of our days in Hawaii, enjoy!


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6 responses to “Aloha, Hawaii!”

  1. Rachel says :

    Gorgeous! Someday I’ll make it to Hawaii…

  2. Gram Anne says :

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing that. I loved our two trips to Hawaii! Love, Gram Anne

  3. Lori Finley says :

    I love the underwater pictures and sunset. I’m lucky to have been able to travel to Oahu and Maui. I love Hawaii! Each trip was so relaxing!

  4. Ranadive Neelenchery says :

    wow landscape is just amazing !!!! need to visit the place soon !

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