Oh Canada, Beautiful Canada

Since we’re back in Seattle this weekend for a wedding, it seems only fitting that I highlight somewhere else in the Pacific Northwest today.

I don’t feel like our neighbors to the north get enough credit for how beautiful their country is. Of course I’m talking about Canada, and specifically, British Columbia. Vancouver, B.C. is a short three hour drive or one hour ferry ride from Seattle, making it a perfect location for weekend getaways.

Last year, Matt and I each took a couple of days off work and made a long weekend trip to Victoria. Victoria is my all-time favorite place in Canada. It’s on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, and it’s the capital city of B.C. It’s a beautiful and small port town and the architecture in the city is reminiscent of Europe. We stayed in the famed Empress Hotel, a gorgeous 150 year old hotel that is now part of the Fairmont hotel chain. It’s definitely pricey, but we were treating ourselves. We were also upgraded to a suite upon arrival, at no extra charge, so that was a happy surprise.

There is a lot to do in Victoria–there’s an amazing Canadian history museum, lot’s of delicious restaurants, cute shops, some really impressive gardens just outside the city, and the Parliament building is really beautiful…but my favorite thing to do is just walk around the adorable town and appreciate the breather from the big city.


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2 responses to “Oh Canada, Beautiful Canada”

  1. andris00 says :

    yep, truly beautiful

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