Let’s Be Friends!

Today is a busy day–we’re off to Seattle for a quick trip to see our friends and family, eat delicious non-Asian food, and party it up at what should be a pretty awesome wedding! It will definitely be worth the long plane ride.

In other news, I finally took the plunge and made a “World Walk About” Facebook page. So in case you don’t get enough of us from this blog, our Flikr, Twitter and more…we should be friends on Facebook. Plus, as much as I say “we,” Matt has never touched “our” Flikr account and he doesn’t even understand what Twitter is–but he does use Facebook, so if you want a more balanced view of our lives, I can guarantee you he will be more actively involved with our Facebook page! So head on over to World Walk About’s Facebook, “like” us, and feel free to spread the link around to anyone who is interested in traveling, or at least reading about it. I hope our adventures can inspire you to go out and create some of your own!

We're fun! Be our friend!

And lastly, I wrote an article about cheap things to do in Seoul, so if you want to read that, head on over to Travel Culture Magazine. It should be up on the front page today…but if it’s not, my bad, timezones confuse me. If it’s not there, check back tomorrow! Make sure to leave lot’s of comments about how awesome I am…


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