Birds Eye View: Seoul’s Famous Namsam Tower

It seems that every big city has a famous observatory-type tower. In Seattle, we have the Space Needle. Chicago has the Sears Tower, Kuala Lumpur has the Petronas Towers, and of course Paris has the Eiffel Tower. The list goes on and on, and Seoul is no different.

Seoul’s version is Namsam Tower (otherwise known as North Seoul Tower). Namsam Tower gives you 360 degree views of the city, and just like Seattle, features a turning restaurant at the top. As far as towers go, it’s pretty standard. The views are (of course) fantastic, there are overpriced and cheesy gift shops, and there’s not much to do other than wander around once you’re up there. One unique thing about Namsam Tower is that it prides itself on being “The Highest Post Office.” That’s right, you can bring your mail up with you, and drop it off in the mailbox under some terrible Konglish signs up at the top.

Other than that, there’s not much to say about the tower. The little boys I went with really enjoyed the telescopes and the “shocking floor,” which was a screen on the floor that was motion triggered. Once it sensed movement, it would start to “crack” and then the floor would “fall” away, leaving you with a birds eye view of the city. A little gimmicky for sure, but the kids loved it!

I wrote about the cable cars that will get you to Namsam Tower here, and about the surrounding area here. For adults (ages 18+), tickets to the tower are 9,000 won. For teens from age 13-17 the tickets are 7,000 won, and for kids from ages 3-12 the tickets are 5,000 won. 


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3 responses to “Birds Eye View: Seoul’s Famous Namsam Tower”

  1. LonelyTravelog says :

    Did u managed to catch the seoul tower light show?

    • andreasherrodd says :

      Not yet–but I fully plan on going back with my husband so he can see the tower! I’ve also heard there’s a pretty sweet market and live music festival type thing that happens at the base of the tower on weekends. Know anything about that?

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