Beautiful and Complicated Berlin

I’m reading a book right now that’s set in Berlin in 1933, and so my 2009 trip to Berlin has been on my mind.

I loved Berlin–it’s clean, it’s cheap, the public transportation is efficient and easy to understand, the food is great and the locals are really friendly and helpful. It’s hard to rectify the images of Berlin as it is today with the horrors of its past, but in a way, that’s what makes Berlin such a fascinating city. When I was there, I stayed in a hostel in what was formerly East Berlin, and the fact that wouldn’t even have been possible twenty years before was pretty amazing to me. The reunification of Berlin within my lifetime also gives me hope for the future of the Korea’s. Who knows, maybe in another 20 years I can come back to Korea, and safely stay in Pyongyang…


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8 responses to “Beautiful and Complicated Berlin”

  1. Lori Finley says :

    I was in Berlin in 1973 before the wall came down as a People to People High School Ambassador. I remember going through Check Point Charlie and almost having my camera taken away. I have pictures of the wall and the barbed wire dividing them and also gun towers. Yes, its great progress has been made and hopefully, more will be coming in the future!

  2. andBerlin says :

    I visited Berlin for the first time in 2009 and it’s always interesting to look back and see just how much the city has changed in 3 years.

  3. Vincent says :

    I was in Berlin last year with my mother as we both desired to visit the city for two diferent reasons. Me, as I’d never been there and was curious whilst my mother wanted to see how the city changed from the last time she was there, in late 1970. She was so impressed by how different the city looked like. She actually fell in love with Berlin while su didn’t like it the first time she went there.

  4. Fidel says :

    I would love to see Berlin. Had plans to visit this summer during Euro 12 but those plans conflicted with my ship’s schedule. Your photos point out all the beautiful architecture there is to see. I really want to photograph a lot of the graffiti there.

    • andreasherrodd says :

      The graffiti on the remaining chunks of the wall is really interesting. My favorite was the peace sign, it was so poignant painted onto a piece of a violent past. Berlin is really a fascinating place–definitely go if you get a chance!

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