Why I Love Seattle

One week from today, Matt and I will do a very quick jaunt back to Seattle to fulfill my bridesmaid duties and see these two cute kids get hitched!

Image by Jenny GG Photography.

We’re home for just a short 72 hours, but we’re so happy we’ll be able to see some of our friends and family, and of course, Seattle!

Some people move abroad because they don’t like where they live, but that was not the case for us. We went abroad and began this adventure simply because we want to see the world, and we like adventure. But we love Seattle (I do more than Matt though), and I really miss it. Here are some of my favorite things about Seattle:

Quirky Bookstores

I love all bookstores, especially used bookstores, and Seattle has quite a lot of those. My idea of a good time is wandering around a dusty bookstore for hours, perusing the titles. Bonus points if the bookstore has a live-in cat or two…because we all know how I feel about cats.

Coffee Shops

I have a problem, and it’s not a secret. I absolutely love coffee, and I’m basically a bear in the morning before I have some. Luckily, Seattle is equally obsessed with coffee. Home to the headquarters of Starbucks, there is literally a Starbucks on every corner. Okay, maybe not EVERY corner, but downtown  you can pretty much find one on every block. The original Starbucks store is located in the iconic Pike Place Market, and so it’s really a part of Seattle’s history. I know all the arguments about why Starbucks is ruining the world, but honestly, I just love it. So sue me.

One the other hand, my hippie self loves the granola coffee places too. I’m a sucker for all the fair-trade, organic, local coffee houses as well. My favorite is Cafe Ladro, and my favorite beverage is a soy latte!

Pike Place Market

I love the market, everything about it. It’s colorful, chaotic, full of tourists and delicious food. I love to watch the fish throwers, grab a pastry at the Russian bakery Piroshky, have lunch at Beecher’s Cheese and watch the cheese being made, and sample olive oils at Sotto Voce. Bliss.

The Ferries

I feel like this is cliche to say about Seattle, but really, I so love the ferries. I have family on one of the islands, so I have the opportunity to enjoy the ferries on a regular enough basis, but unlike the commuters, not frequently enough to take them for granted. Rain or shine, the ferries provide such gorgeous views of the Seattle city skyline, the surrounding islands, and Puget Sound.

Lakes, Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean, Oh My!

Within a 20 minute drive in any direction in Seattle you are sure to run into one of these things. Us Pacific Northwesterner’s are incredibly spoiled when it comes to nature, we have everything right at our fingertips, without sacrificing city life. I really miss all the beautiful lakes, the salty air near the sound, the view of the gorgeous mountains peeking out between the clouds and just how green everything is. That’s something you notice more once you’ve lived someplace not so green…(*ahem*KOREA*ahem*).

So the countdown begins today…just seven more days!


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6 responses to “Why I Love Seattle”

  1. Liz Woodard says :

    I hear ya on the lakes and mountains thing. Try living smack dab in the middle of Spain, in a high desert area. Definitely not green. lol. For someone who has always lived near the ocean that is the biggest thing that I miss living here. Whenever we plan a trip, I always ask “Is the ocean nearby?” We’ve actually been able to dip toes in numerous oceans now, which is pretty cool.
    this is soo cool what you guys are doing! congrats on everything 🙂 Hi, Andrea, i’m Liz, Matt and I went to UW together… *waves* hi, Matt!

    • mattvanni says :

      Thanks for comment Liz! I’m SUPER jealous you’re living and teaching in Spain now. I traveled in and out of Madrid just once, and didn’t get to see the city at all, but your pictures (on Facebook) are pretty awesome. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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