The Big Leagues – Korean MLB


Jamsil Baseball Stadium, Sports Complex station, line 2. Can’t remember the exit number, but the signs are pretty good. Easy to find once there.

A few weeks ago, some friends caught wind of something free to do, and I (Matt) jumped all over that!

Our friends Ashley and Justin found out that there are free preseason games that are held at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Two teams use the stadium as home field, so it can be a little bit of a toss up for what teams you’ll be seeing, but it’s an experience nonetheless (Doosan Bears and the LG Twins).

First of all, it’s good to know that fans sit with their teams. None of this mingling crap you see at most American sport events; there was actually an empty space down the center of the stands. Also, noise intimidation is key to being a supporting fan; maybe it’s just having only been to Seattle mariners games (and it’s a fair statement that mariners’ fans are pretty lazy), but it seemed like everyone on the home side had some sort of noisemaker! Heck, each team had their own shouting man – kind of like a mascot, but they yelled cheers, blew whistles the whole time, and had scantily clad dancers (sweeeet).

The most fun thing about the game had to be the fact you can bring anything you want into the stadium. This means, of course, everything is sold just outside! On the way in there were stands of dried fish, squid, and some other stuff…soju and beer stands, AND my personal favorite – people selling boxes of chicken. Yep, just people standing with plastic bags of boxed chicken. I’m sure that’s up to health code…

Ha! The game itself was pretty normally boring. There was about three times as many fouls, and it seemed like 3 out of every 4 pitches were just the pitcher trying to pick off a runner. The crowd did really enjoy all the fouls! Big ooo’s for each one!



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  1. Gram Anne says :

    Sounds like fun!

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