A Day Off for Democracy: Election Day in South Korea

Today is election day for Korea’s National Assembly, and it’s a national holiday so we get the day off from school. Watching the campaigns has been interesting–even though I don’t understand a word they are saying, they have still managed to annoy and entertain me. Every day we see trucks with banners on them go by, with someone in them yelling into a megaphone. Women stand on the street corners in matching outfits doing dances or chants, there are campaign posters all over town, and I’ve been handed flyers and business cards that I can’t read, promoting the election I can’t vote in.

Overall, it’s been an interesting experience. Luckily for you, I snapped some pictures with my ipod on my way to and from school for the past few days, capturing the ridiculousness. Please enjoy!


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10 responses to “A Day Off for Democracy: Election Day in South Korea”

  1. Rachel says :

    I saw a guy in a Pikachu suit dancing on one of those trucks… and I actually got an election packet in the mail!

    • andreasherrodd says :

      I just don’t understand how the dancing characters/people would make anyone more likely to vote for them! I know elections in the U.S. are quite a circus, but I think Korea has us beat!

  2. Carrie K says :

    I saw a Teletubby dancing in Gyeongju! 😀

    • andreasherrodd says :

      That’s so weird! Teletubby’s freak me out…and I just don’t understand how that relates to the voting process at all. Oh well…to each their own I guess! Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Modern Seoul says :

    20 text messages about voting, so glad its over for at least 2 more years. 🙂

    • andreasherrodd says :

      Wow, I’m glad no one ever got a hold of my cell number! Isn’t the presidential election soon though? Hopefully you don’t get harassed as much during that election. Thanks for reading!

      • Modern Seoul says :

        Totally forgot about the presidential election, and with public opinion on Mr.Lee being pretty poor it’s gonna be a few more weeks of noisy music-trucks and countless text messages 😦

      • andreasherrodd says :

        It is pretty annoying…but as an outsider, it’s pretty entertaining too! Come to think of it, I do sometimes get Korean text messages and since I don’t know what they are about, they could very well be election related. I just assumed they were spam 🙂

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