Dreaming of Paris

Since we both took some really cool trips back before we were blogging, we’re going to devote every Friday (Korean time) to sharing some photos, memories and stories from those trips!

Today, I’m missing Paris. I went to Paris in 2009 with some of my girlfriends, and while we only spent a few days there, and it wasn’t even my favorite place on the trip, lately I have been reminiscing about my time there. I just keep remembering how beautiful it was, and seeing as how it’s supposed to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, I think Matt and I need to go there together! Here are some snapshots from my time in Paris:

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?


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14 responses to “Dreaming of Paris”

  1. Karen says :

    Love your photos but my favorite is of the Louvre…just fantastic. I love visiting France and there is nothing quite as wonderful as Paris. I think it is one of the great cities of the world to visit.

  2. Bella Remy Photography says :

    Paris is such a wonderful city and I miss visiting it as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oster's Mom says :

    I, too, would be in Paris. Sometimes I literally ache to be back there. Your pictures are great!

  4. Jillian says :

    I miss it too! Conor and I should go there together, and be mushy and ridiculous!

  5. Lori Finley says :

    I was in Paris in 1973. I loved it too, though it was the only city where we found they didn’t try to help you out with the language barrier. But we saw a lot of wonderful sights and saw a Folies berger show. I’m sure that’s not how you spell it. I love to travel and see different cultures. Paris has so much to offer. Thanks for the memories.

    • andreasherrodd says :

      Yah, I agree. In Italy once they hear your accent they almost always switch to English–in Paris, not so much. But I still liked it there, and it forced us to at least try to speak French!

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