Trick Eye Museum: Messing with Masterpieces

Korea definitely has its fair share of unique “museums,” as we learned when we visited the toilet museum a few weeks ago, but the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul might take the cake for most random museum ever. This is really more of an art project than museum–replicas of famous artwork have been made to be interactive, allowing visitors to become part of the art. Along with our friend Liz, we took this museum by storm, and frankly, I’m a little surprised we are still allowed in this country. Let’s just say we were completely THOSE people, obnoxious, loud, and crude while posing with the art. But the best part is, so was everyone else who was there! This is a museum 100% centered around taking cheesy pictures, so that is exactly what everyone does.

This is what Liz and I look like jumping out of a birthday cake.

This museum also goes by the name Santorini Seoul, which is weird and random, and most of the museum is sort-of Greek themed. We really didn’t understand why though…Sometimes it seems like a lot of information is lost in translation.

Without further ado, here are our photographic masterpieces. Because people who still love and respect me read this blog, some of the pictures didn’t make the cut. But you should know, they’re pretty funny.

Matt the thief.

She's a creeper.

Just killing dragons, per usual.

She really hates men.

Let me take that for you!

Muscle man.

Just drowning Liz in the canals in Venice, nothing to worry about.

So THAT'S why the tower is leaning.

Giving the paparazzi something to look at!

Liz is asleep at the wheel!

Ok, I lied. One of the crude ones is making it on here after all!

The museum is open from 10 am to 10 pm, and is 13,000 won per adult. To get there, take Seoul subway Line 2 to Hongdae Station (Hongik University) and take exit 9.  Walk straight for 200m towards the Starbucks, and then look for signs pointing to the museum.


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4 responses to “Trick Eye Museum: Messing with Masterpieces”

  1. Lori Finley says :

    That would be my kind of museum.

  2. timothywp says :

    Lol … Fun museum!
    It seems that u really had fun there 😛
    Might visit there someday 🙂

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