Keeping it Classy: Once in a Blue Moon Jazz Bar

Occasionally we do act like adults and do things like go to listen to jazz in swanky clubs. Since it’s not very often, it is very fitting that our jazz bar debut was at Once in a Blue Moon, an up-scale jazz bar in Apgujeong.

There’s no cover charge for the band, but that is offset by the fact that the drinks start at 15,000 won ($15)…and that’s for a non-alcoholic drink. The food is even more pricey. Also, you are required to buy a drink. So we sucked it up and paid 18,000 won each for some amazingly delicious cocktails–but it was definitely a one-drink kind of place! These prices would even be expensive at home in Seattle, but it is really unheard of here in Korea, where food and drinks are usually so cheap.

Our friend Eric tells us that Once in a Blue Moon is famous amongst Korea’s well-heeled. He also said that in basically every romantic movie or television show, if there is a marriage proposal, it is probably happening at Once in a Blue Moon. Apgujeong is the fanciest neighborhood I have ever seen in Korea, and I heard another expat describe it as the “Beverly Hills of Korea,” which is pretty fitting. We saw a lot of high-end cars on the streets and designer bags on the tables.

Even though the drinks were pricey, the atmosphere was great, the music was awesome, and all the songs were in English. I like to think I was rubbing elbows with Korea’s elite…but it was probably mostly regular people. Oh well, I’m a celebrity at my school, and that will have to be good enough for now…

To get to Once in a Blue Moon, take line 3 to Apgujeong Station and take exit 2. Walk out the exit and  turn around (180 degrees), then walk straight and turn right at the corner. Walk  for 2-3 blocks before hitting a major intersection. Cross the road. Walk several blocks, about 10 minutes, until you see the Galleria Dept. Store. Turn right down the major intersection on the opposite corner of Galleria — it will be on the left side of the street after about a five minute walk. I got these directions from this blog…we actually  just hopped into a cab from Apgujeong Station, and it was about a 5 minute ride. 


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