Ice Skating in Seoul Plaza

Now that the sun is shining and the temperatures are toasty warm (is it bad I think 45 degrees Fahrenheit is warm now?), it’s hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago it was below freezing with Arctic winds, and that we were bundled up in winter gear while ice skating in Seoul.

Since it was our last weekend with Andrew before he left us forever to go back to the U.S.A., we decided to do something out of the norm (aka not just eating and drinking), and when we heard you could go ice skating at Seoul Plaza at Seoul City Hall for 1,000 won (roughly $1), we were sold!

Ice skating in Korea is a whole different experience from ice skating in the States. First of all, after we paid we were given a ticket that told us our hour time slot (we thought we could just go right then), so we had to kill some time and then come back. Our “ice skates” were just roller blades that had been refitted with ice blades, so that was weird. There were helmets (which were optional), and a surprising number of people were using them. Andrew wore one to be funny, and because he is awesome. On our way into the rink, Matt got turned away because he didn’t have gloves on, and apparently that is mandatory. So they made him go buy a pair of gloves (which were 500 won, or 50 cents), and then he was allowed in.

It turns out I’m a terrible skater, or at least a slow skater, and everyone else was pretty good. Story of my life! But I had a blast, even if my legs were incredibly sore the next day. And none of us fell, which was amazing considering how many people there were in the ice rink!

The Seoul City Hall ice rink is usually open from December to the end of February, but varies depending on weather conditions. To get there, take lines 1 or 2 to the City Hall Station, and then  go out exit 5.


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