Soaking Up Culture at the National Museum of Korea

Recently our Korean friend Eric invited us to join him, his girlfriend So Hyun and some other English teachers for an excursion to the National Museum of Korea in Seoul. We always love when Eric plans events, because he shows us parts of Korea we might not have otherwise seen, so we are pretty much always on board no matter what the activity. Plus, he really sold it to us when he said it was “full of Korea’s treasures and also other Asian countries treasure’s too.” Since we are both history nerds, and we can’t resist treasure, we went!

The group at the National Museum of Korea

Not too much to say about it, other than there is a lot of cool stuff in there, and the place is HUGE! It’s mostly the history of art in Korea, but the most interesting exhibits are about the earliest settlements in Korea, which are less about art and more about their everyday life things, like weapons and tools. It’s an extremely high-quality museum, and everything is available in perfectly translated English, setting this museum apart from many other tourist attractions in Korea. Overall, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon, and best of all, it was free!

To get there, take Line 4 or the Jungang line (Deokso-Yongsan) to Ichon Station. Go out Exit 2, and walk 150m towards Yongsan Family Park.

Inside the National Museum of Korea


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One response to “Soaking Up Culture at the National Museum of Korea”

  1. Lori Finley says :

    You are both having the experience of a lifetime and you haven’t even hit your first anniversary yet! Way to live life Andrea and Matt!

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