An Homage to the Porcelain Throne: Mr. Toilet House

We’ve been living in Korea for about five months now, and we have definitely seen our share of weird things. However, one of the weirdest so far is Mr. Toilet House, a toilet museum located in Suwon, South Korea.We saw an ad for this museum on the side of a bus one day, and we decided we simply could not pass up an opportunity to see such a bizarre museum. So we trekked out to Suwon to find out what exactly Mr. Toilet House is!

The ad on the side of the bus that started it all...

I’m sorry to say, even after being there, I am still not sure what it is. It’s marketed as a toilet museum, so we thought it would be about the history of toilets, but in reality, it’s a strange memorial to Sim Jae-Duck, a former congressman and mayor of Suwon who was nicknamed “Mr. Toilet.” He earned this nickname because A.) rumor has it he was born on a toilet, B.) he started the World Toilet Association General Assembly and served as its inaugural chairman, C.) he worked for many years to provide sanitary and modern public toilets for the people of Suwon, and lastly, D.) he lived in a house shaped like a toilet. No, you did not read that wrong. The “museum” was his home, a giant toilet. Basically, dude was obsessed with toilets, and so after his death, his family donated his home to the city to be made into museum/memorial.

Mr. Toilet House

So needless to say, it was pretty weird. There was less history about toilets than I expected, and a lot more of Mr. Toilet’s personal history and his belongings, including pointless things like luggage and his work ID cards. We had a good time posing with the pictures of Mr. Toilet, taking pictures of the cartoon poops, and laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, so it wasn’t a total bust. But overall…it was pretty crappy. Pun intended.




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11 responses to “An Homage to the Porcelain Throne: Mr. Toilet House”

  1. aixecantelpolze says :

    Oh! Smells good!…. hehehe nice post man!

  2. Rachel says :

    Haven’t heard of that one! Too bad it’s not a toilet history museum, that would be great.

    • andreasherrodd says :

      There was one tiny section about projects in third world countries that bring modern toilets and plumbing and overall sanitation to communities in need, and that was actually pretty interesting! It’s too bad they don’t devote more space to exhibits like that.

  3. Cap says :

    I would have paid top dollar to see that. I mean look at his house! Visionary.

  4. LonelyTravelog says :

    Strange guy who was obsessed with toilets!

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