Jurassic Park, Pineapple-Style

A park with living biological attractions, so astounding they will capture the imagination of the entire planet…

…excitement courses through my veins as the golf cart pulls up.  It’s yellow, a little strange looking because it can fit six people, and it has a pineapple for a roof.  What gets my blood pumping is that there isn’t anyone driving!!  No tracks either!  What is happening!?!?  I try to stay calm as we get inside, and the automated future cart pulls away.  Not going to lie, I held my breath, listening for the steps of a giant screaming pineapple-dinosaur.

Once I pull myself together, I realize there’s a narrator to our magic pineapple ride.  One of the best moment of the 15 minute tour (yeah, there was more than one) was when our guide tape explained where the word “pineapple” came from – apparently from the words “pine” and “apple.”  Whodathought!?!  Pine for the pine cone-like outside.  Apple for the sweet, fruity inside.  Knowledge abounds!  Yes.  This is what we’re learning in Asia.

Cassie and Josh

AH!!!  Pineapple Carts!

Who's driving the cart!?!?

After the way-too short (but awesome) pineapple cart ride, we were led to a ridiculous 45 minute walk through a maze of gift shops.  Not quite sure if this is the right order, but here we go:  pineapple ride, shell museum/shop (really only 3 rooms), pineapple wine tasting, pineapple vinegar tasting, pineapple juice tasting, pineapple jelly/cake/chocolate/face scrub, and straight pineapples.  THEN there were another 5-10 rooms.

Even though we basically bought tickets to walk through gift shops, we all were just so excited to make it out of the (again, awesome) cart ride without being crushed by the aforementioned pineapple-dinosaur (come on, Jurassic Park folks!).  It was worth it.  Oh, and I guess we also picked up a couple of delicious pineapples…and wine…and jam.  So the gift shop maze worked on these suckers.

Stay perfectly still...it can't see you if you don't move!


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5 responses to “Jurassic Park, Pineapple-Style”

  1. Lori Finley says :

    Too funny!!!!!

  2. monica says :

    love it, i was just waiting for a giant spongebob to attack you, although i guess you weren’t under the sea 🙂

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