Okinawa Bound!

Tomorrow we are headed to the lovely Okinawa, Japan!

Shortly after we moved to Korea, my cousin Cassie and her husband, and another childhood friend Randee and her family moved to Okinawa because both of their husbands are stationed on the U.S. military base there. We all grew up on the same street in Spokane, Washington, and our families did everything together. We’ve all been raised together, as close as siblings at times, so it is so amazing to me that from our families, three of the seven kids are now living in Asia! I am excited to see the girls, catch up, and enjoy the warmer temperatures of Okinawa.

Randee, my sister and I on Halloween, back in the day!

My cousin Cassie and I "painting!"


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3 responses to “Okinawa Bound!”

  1. Anne Sherrodd says :

    Oh, my gosh!!!!! Eating breakfast and looking at yoer latest info, I see these sweet litle gals of yesteryear!!! Painting pictures in my basement!!! Thanks for giving me a great start for the day! I could cry!!! I’m so glad you get to go to Okinawa for a reunion and sightseeing!! Love ya all!!! Gramma Anne

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