Top Five Best Things About Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is such a vibrant, fun and interesting city. We’ve already devoted several posts to it, and we could probably produce several more, but instead I will leave you with a final wrap up of KL: here are the top five best things about this bustling South East Asian city!

5.) Nightlife

KL has a fantastic nightlife scene. Especially if you are a woman…because every Thursday night is ladies night, which means free drinks! I’m talking no cover to get in, and as many free cocktails as you want. We made travel buddies with two Scottish and one Australian girl, and together we visited 3 or 4 bars, never paying a single cent for a drink. The girls did feel bad that Matt had to pay though, so they took turns buying his drinks. I’m not really a big drinker, but how can you pass up free? If you’re a lady and in KL on a Thursday night, take advantage of this KL custom!

Out on the town in KL

4.) Everyone speaks English

Maybe this wouldn’t impress me so much if I hadn’t come from the small town in Korea where we live, but we were blown away by the number of people who speak impeccable English. All signs are in English. Magazines and newspapers are in English. It’s one of the official languages of Malaysia, and it’s on its way to becoming the official language of KL. All in all, it makes it incredibly easy to travel there.

Even the street art is in English in KL!

3.) Wildlife

This might be cheating, since technically all the wildlife we saw was just outside of KL, but since it’s accessible from KL it’s making the list. In our previous post you saw that we got to meet snakes, deer, rabbits, and elephants. We also got to see a plethora of monkeys at the Batu Caves. Amazing!

2.) Shopping

There is so much amazing shopping in KL. From the cheap vendor stalls in Chinatown to the high-priced, luxury brands available at the Suria KLCC shopping mall, you can literally find anything you would ever need or want, no matter what your budget. Matt hates shopping, but he was blown away by the Suria KLCC Mall, and I’m happy to report he went on a little shopping spree, which always amuses me!

1.) Diversity

I know we’ve mentioned this before, but we were most impressed with how this city is so wonderfully diverse. It’s diverse in culture, religion, ethnicities and food. It was just so awesome to see such a melting pot of cultures, and to have such a variety of cuisines and experiences to choose from. If you are in the region and have the opportunity to go, definitely check out KL–you will not be disappointed!


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