Under the Sea: Koh Phi Phi Island

Most of our days in Koh Phi Phi were spent beach lounging and eating, so as amazing as that was for us, there’s not too much to tell about it! However, one day we decided to take advantage of a snorkel tour around the island. We signed up through our hotel, and as luck would have it, we were the only ones who signed up that day, so we had a private tour!


Our tour was given by a very sweet and friendly Thai man who spoke next to no English, on an awesome long-tail style boat. He would cheerfully say the names of whatever bay or beach we passed or stopped at, but that was the extent of his English. It was mostly gesturing and grinning though–amazing how much can be said with no words at all!

Our first stop was not too far off the coast of the island, and the entice the fish to come out and play, our tour guide started throwing bread into the water. I have never in my life seen so many fish in one spot! Matt was brave and jumped right in there with them…I had to be coaxed. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of all the fish touching me, but once I got in there, it wasn’t bad at all. We repeated that in a few different bays, and saw all sorts of amazing fish and coral.

Another highlight was “Monkey Bay,” which is literally a beach just teeming with monkeys. Our tour guide gave us bananas to give them, and as I was getting off the boat I was peeling it, since I wasn’t sure if the monkeys would be interested in the peel. Before I could finish, a little monkey scampered over and snatched the banana right out of my hand! It was so cute. We spent some time just watching and interacting with them–I was in heaven! However, another tourist was holding a pack of cigarettes, and one of the monkeys came up and stole them, thinking it was food. The guy immediately snatched them back, which I think if you have any common sense about animals, wild or domestic, you would know this is not a good idea. Immediately the monkey bared its teeth and started growling, and two more monkeys ran over and surrounded the guy. One grabbed the back of his shirt (he was sitting) and started shaking him, and the other two kept growling at him. Luckily, he stood up and quickly moved away and avoided eye contact. It just goes to show, monkeys may be cute, but they are wild animals, and it is important to remember and respect that!

Fast forward another hour or so, and Matt had somehow flooded the case for the underwater camera (ruining Andrew’s camera, sorry about that!) and I lost the mouth piece to my snorkel mask in the bottom of the sea (whoops!), and we ended up on Maya Bay, the beautiful and famous beach where the Leonardio Decaprio movie “The Beach” was shot. We spent the last hour of our tour exploring the beach, lounging in the shade (it was so HOT and we got so sunburned!) and swimming in the sea. Overall, it was a perfect day in a (nearly) perfect place, and luckily, even though the camera was ruined, the SD card was not we and were able to retrieve all the pictures!


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