Arrival in Phuket

Phuket greeted us kindly with instant sweat and mosquitos while we waited in customs for at least 30 minutes.  Not the best start to our “relaxing” portion of the trip.  Even better was when some white guy (couldn’t tell where he was from, but I don’t think an English speaking country) ran into a restricted area and was bodily carried by 4 armed security guards towards us as we came out of the bathrooms right before getting into the Customs line.  And he was NOT going quietly, twisting and thrashing about.  Andrea was all hunky dory about it, until I pointed out that the guy could have actually been up to some shit and we just needed to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.  Thankfully (as usual) my wonderful wife was correct and all we had to put up with was watching security try to interrogate the guy while he continued to thrash about.  Our best guess was that he was either mentally handicap (sad) or ridiculously drunk (pathetic yet impressive).

Once we got through all that, we stepped out into the Thai night, got a cab and proceeded to our hotel for the evening.  This, too, was somewhat of an experience.  About 15 minutes into the 40 minute ride, our driver tell us he needs to stop at the work office along the way to “sign something.” We watched as he didn’t sign jack-crap, and we had the pleasure of having a private speed boat ferry ticket pitched to us by a very aggressive Thai woman.  I swear we said “no thank you” at least 10 times.  Finally she gave up and we got to our hotel.  Incidentally, our trip BACK to the airport from the ferry only took at most 20 minutes, so I’m sure the first taxi driving went well out of his way to “sign” that “something.” Not impressed with Thailand at this point at all.

Thankfully, that changed quickly once we got to our lodging.   The hotel staff informed us that they sold out of rooms, so they had to up grade us to a suite!  Getting better. The room was just what we needed.  Not that our hotel in KL was bad, this place was just awesome.  Air conditioned, bug free, big clean bed heaven.  Goooood night.

Rattana Residence, Phuket - Suite for about $40. Great price, about 20 min by taxi from the ferry.


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