Why Teaching Kindergarten is Better Than Teaching 6th Grade…

For those of you that do not understand why I love teaching the kindergarteners, please watch this video and then tell me they are not the most adorable beings alive!

They are the highlight of my week! I also just realized I have never posted a picture of my school, so here it is. The muddy water out front is a “river.” I’m sure there’s water in it at some point in the year, but I have yet to see it.

Tanbeol Elementary School

And last, but not least, here a drawing my favorite 6th grader made for me. Some of the 6th graders are pretty cool I guess. 🙂

Andrea Teacher!


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2 responses to “Why Teaching Kindergarten is Better Than Teaching 6th Grade…”

  1. Megan Smith says :

    I agree that kindergartners are the cutest! Love mine! I am glad you are enjoying teaching there. 🙂

  2. Alex says :

    Now I’m hungry. :-/ THOSE LITTLE KIDS ARE ADORABLE!!!!

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