Korean Road Trip: Ulsan (Part III)

From Gyeongju we headed to Ulsan, about a half an hour drive. There isn’t a ton to see in Ulsan, but Andrew and Judy lived there for a year, so Andrew wanted to show us all the good food places and just generally show us around. Ulsan is bigger than Gwangju (where we live), but it’s still not a huge city. We checked into another love motel, and then just set about eating and exploring. We didn’t really do any sight-seeing here, but we did eat a lot of delicious things! The first night we went to an amazing duck restaurant. They bring out the duck already smoked, but then you also grill it on your table. Then you wrap it in washed kimchi, and stuff your wrap with a cooked jalepeno, a variety of sauces and other veggie side dishes. It was amazing!

Delicious duck

Eating duck

After dinner, we went to see the newest Twilight movie, which of course the boys were thrilled about! 🙂 But since I have to put up with being around two boys all the time, they decided to indulge me. After the movie we posed in front of a giant Christmas tree and took some festive pictures! We took them on the ipod, so they are a little fuzzy.

Christmas in Ulsan

Being festive!

The next day we went to check out the neighborhood where Andrew and Judy used to live, which was near a gorgeous little beach! It was pretty cold, but beaches anywhere make me happy, so I was satisfied. The water is so blue–you would never know by looking that it was coat and scarves weather!

Beach in Ulsan

Beach in Ulsan

Beach in Ulsan

After the beach we had another fabulous meal of beef shabu shabu, which is the soup you make at your table. This particular restaurant gave us all sorts of side dishes and veggies for the soup–the spread itself was so beautiful, it was worthy of a picture! After our delicious meal we sadly had to hit the road and head back to Gwangju and back to real life. But overall, it was a fabulous trip filled with great times and even greater food!

Delicious soup ingredients

The spread!


Last meal in Ulsan!


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2 responses to “Korean Road Trip: Ulsan (Part III)”

  1. mingni says :

    matty looks like such a pro with those chopsticks! what an asian! we need to chat, im having thoughts about heading over to the orient…

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