Turkey is Expensive in Korea…

Thanksgiving in Korea

Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on us this year. Since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Korea we obviously didn’t get the day off from school or anything, but we wanted to try to make it seem festive anyway. So we invited Andrew and my American co-teacher Stephanie over to have a pseudo-Thanksgiving. Since turkey is insanely expensive here (if you can even find it), we had decided beforehand that after work Matt would just go to E-Mart and get a roasted chicken. Since Andrew lives in Seoul and there is a Costco in Seoul, he was able to get real pumpkin pies, and luckily his girlfriend Judy had sent him a box of stovetop stuffing. We also made mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed carrots, banana bread, and we found a can of cranberry sauce in our apartment from the previous people. That, by the way, was as gross as it sounds. Stephanie brought some wine and cheese rolls, and we were good to go! Unfortunately, once Matt got to E-Mart he realized they didn’t have any roast chicken, so we improvised and he bought fried chicken instead. Not quite the same….but, poultry is poultry!

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After our glutinous feast, we decided to decorate our apartment for Christmas, accompanied by a Christmas music playlist (provided by Andrew), and then a Christmas movie/tv show marathon (also provided by Andrew). The previous tenants in our apartment had also left a fake Christmas tree and ornaments, so all we had to do was dust it all off and put it up! All in all, it was a successful, although unique, Thanksgiving experience! So fun in fact that Andrew stayed too late to catch the subway back to Seoul, spent the night, and then had to leave at 5 am to make it to his school on time the next morning. Good times!


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