Best Seats in the House: Building 63 (63 빌딩)

Some fun facts: Seoul is the largest city in South Korea. It’s also the largest city proper in the developed world, and the second largest metropolitan area in the entire world, with only Tokyo beating it out. New York City is number four, if that gives you any indication of size. There are over 10 million people in Seoul, which is half the population of the country of South Korea. Needless to say, it is huge. And bustling. And you can ride the subway for what seems like hours and still not be to the other side of the city. We knew all of this about Seoul, but for some reason, it really sinks in when you can see it.

Halloween weekend Andrew took us to Korea’s famous Building 63, which at 63 stories used to be the nation’s tallest building. It’s not anymore, but it’s still the tallest building in the neighborhood it resides in, and so it offers a fantastic view of basically all of Seoul. The building is a huge tourist attraction, and has a wax museum, an aquarium, restaurants, cafes, and much more. The top floor is an art gallery–aka, a reason they can charge you to ride the elevator up and take in the amazing views. So we decided to spend the money and take the ride, and it was so worth it! The art gallery was nothing special, but the views blew us away. Andrew has been living in Seoul for a year, and as we looked out the windows and it was still Seoul as far as the eye could see in any direction, he said “I never really realized how big Seoul actually is.”

View from Building 63

View from Building 63

View from Building 63

View from Building 63

So we enjoyed the views, and then we enjoyed the “art.” Which I hope you will also now enjoy, or at least, you can enjoy Andrew’s re-enactments of the art!

To get to the 63 Building by subway, use one of these three routes:

Take the Seoul Subway Line 1 to Daebang station and then use exit 6. From here, take the free shuttle or bus number 62.

Take Line 5 to Yeouinaru Station and use exit 4. Walk toward the intersection, turn left, walk to the bus stop. Take the free shuttle, about 80 meters away from exit 4.

Take Line 5 to the Yeoido station and use exit 5. Take the free shuttle or bus number 62 in front of St. Mary’s Hospital Platform.


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2 responses to “Best Seats in the House: Building 63 (63 빌딩)”

  1. Lori Finley says :

    I’m enjoying reading all of your info about Seoul. What an amazing place. If Tokyo is first in size, Seoul is second and New York is fourth. What city is third?

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