Night of Fright, Korean Style!

Halloween costumes.  Yes, that’s a turtleneck that’s been turned into a cape and hood.  That’s how Bruce Wayne does it! (or would if he had half the needle-skill Andrew does, pansy)

All Saints Eve in Korea!  So instead of partaking in the American (or at least Northwest) tradition of heading to a friends house and…enjoying the spirits…of the holiday, we ended up enjoying the holiday spirits in a park full of Koreans!  So, let me delight you with the tale of how we ended up taking video of Andrew being arrested by a police officer and some kind of general.

It turns out, Halloween is not a holiday that’s celebrated here (or at least the way most American’s celebrate).  No one dresses up, unless they are doing something with foreigners.  Some students will have a Halloween party at their Hogwans (private tutoring after school; I always want to call them Hogwarts…), but don’t dress up for the party.  Most English teachers here will talk about the holiday, and get the point across that people dress up and go trick-or-treating — though they can’t really explain why we go trick-or-treating, or even why we say “trick-or-treat.”  I could tell me students about why we say “trick-or-treat”, but I couldn’t really explain why kids are given candy…Anywho, we decided to join the multitudes of foreigners (also known as “white people”) and really show Korean’s what Halloween’s all about!

Saturday night we headed into Seoul, and after dining on the fine cusine of Costco — we had pizza and philly cheesesteak, STILL tastes delicious — and picking up a block of Tillamook cheese, we headed to Andrew’s GIANT apartment to change for the evening.  As you can see, we had some sweet costumes.  I mean, all the people on the subway thought they were pretty awesome.  Especially the old man I was sitting next to.  I have to give Andrew kudos, though, his costume definitely got the most attention (wanted and otherwise).

Andrew ended up taking us to a neighborhood by one of the big universities in Seoul that’s the place to go for Halloween.  Once we got off the subway, we started seeing other people in costume, so we knew we were in the right place.  Ended up meeting up with 4 or 5 friend’s of Drew’s in park that was having an outdoor concert and was start of a zombie parade.  This is where we met up with the horse and the general (or whatever rank the officer was) in the pictures below.  ALSO where we had easily a hundred pictures taken of us and the other foreigners (“whities”) with us.  Yeah, I’m not ashamed that we even posed for a few of our own – I mean, we gotta remember this too!

We spent about 2 hours sitting on a bench in the park, sipping on some “spirits” and enjoying people watching (or having people watch us — we know how the animals in the zoo feel…yes, you look just as goofy to them as they look to you!).  As like draws like, naturally our group grew as the night progressed, eventually gaining an extremely tall American girl that was dressed in an official korean policy officer’s uniform.  Just as everyone else was attracted to Batman, she promptly felt the need to arrest him.  We have a great video of Andrew in handcuffs, albeit a short one because he broke the handcuffs apart (accidentally) and shouted “no one can trap the Batman!”

The three of us eventually left the park and headed back to Andrew’s GIANT apartment, perhaps stopping for refreshment along the way.  Suffice to say, we ended the night delightfully falling asleep to “Hocus Pocus,” and waiting to wake up to massive headaches.

That’s it from Mandrea for now!  Next installment we’ll be including our adventures 63 flights above Seoul.

Batman has got to know what time it is!

Night of Fright. Even though the mustaches were pretty scary, the horse-head was by far the most frightening costume any of us had seen!


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