St. Martin/St. Marteen Part II

Despite how beautiful the beaches were and how delicious the food was…we had a few problems during the honeymoon. After the first night of having a few pina colada’s and eating a ton of buttery, rich French food, I woke up in the middle of the night to Matt throwing up. It was so random, since he’s never sick, and after that he felt fine. Turns out, that was just a glimpse of what was to come. The next couple of days I had a weird rash on my arms and legs. Remembering that Carly had said she had an allergic reaction to her sunscreen during her honeymoon, I decided to stop wearing mine for a few days, which ended up being fine, since the next day the island was hit with a tropical depression (aka, the edge of a hurricane). It was nothing too crazy, but it poured rain all day, so we definitely weren’t hitting the beach. We did venture out in the rain to get food, and then waded through about a foot of water to get home! It was so crazy, our clothes were so soaked, it looked like we jumped into the ocean clothed. People were driving by and laughing at us…because who is crazy enough to walk into town in weather like that?? We are! It was worth it, and we got our first taste of the Caribbean street food.

The view from our hotel room

I can’t remember now if it was the next day or two days later that our resort had a mixer for all the guests up on this event space that overlooks the ocean. Matt and I decided we couldn’t turn down free food, booze and a chance to meet some friends, so we went. We ended up meeting another couple on their honeymoon who had gotten married two days after us, and since we hit it off, we all decided to go out to dinner together. After eating delicious food and getting served free rum, we decided to keep the night going and explore St. Martin’s nightlife. We ended up at this bar on the beach where there was live music, packed with both locals and tourists. We literally sat in beach chairs in the sand a few feet from the ocean, listened to music and enjoyed the local specialty (rum of course!).

So, in the morning when I woke up and started throwing up, I thought I must just be hungover. But, after several hours of being really sick and not being able to keep down even ice chips, we started to get worried. Matt ran up into town and went to the pharmacy, where he got me some anti-nausea medicine. Unfortunately that did nothing for me. So finally, after 8 hours of throwing up basically every ten minutes, Matt had the hotel call a cab and make me a doctors appointment. It was almost five, but luckily the doctor agreed to stay late and see me. I was terrified about how much visiting a doctor without insurance would cost (since  I had a very expensive trip to a doctor in Italy once), but I decided it was worth it. Long story short, the doctor decided I might have dengue fever, which you get from a mosquito bite. I did have several mosquito bites, including one that looked bruised. (I still think that one might have been the culprit). Turns out, symptoms of dengue fever include vomiting, a fever, and a rash. Perfect. He prescribed me some anti-nausea medicine and pain pills, and about an hour later I felt like a whole new person. Best of all, the doctors visit and medicine combined cost less than $50! That’s a fraction of what I paid in Italy, so I was relieved.

The "other" Waikiki Beach

Philipsburg, the capitol of St. Marteen (the Dutch side)

The next day I felt so much better, so we decided to try to get out and make up for lost time. Our new friends had rented a car, so they invited us to ride with them to the Dutch side and check out some beaches. That was pretty much all I could do anyway, I was so worn out from being sick. So we went to a beach called Waikiki Beach, which I thought was funny, and had to pay for a beach chair and an umbrella. After we soaked up the sun for a while, we ventured into the capitol of the Dutch side, Philipsburg, for some shopping. We split up though since I was still feeling under the weather, and Matt and I ended up just sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe enjoying the air conditioning until the others were done shopping. After that, they dropped us off at a stable where Matt and I had planned to do a sunset ride on the beach. It ended up being just us and the tour guides, which was really nice, but somehow, I got the horse with behavioral issues! My horse would randomly decide to stop and eat trees, and no amount of tugging on the reins would convince him to do otherwise. Then he would look up, realize he was falling behind, and then RUN to catch up the with others. This wouldn’t have been so bad if my back and abs weren’t still so incredibly sore from being sick. I was holding my stomach while trying to grab the reins to slow him down, all while trying not to puke on my horse. It was pretty funny, once the pain stopped! Overall though, it was a great experience. We rode the horses partially into the water, and we got to see a beautiful and wild part of the island.

Horse back riding on the beach!

Riding horses in St. Marteen

That pretty much sums up the trip–and despite all the bad things that happened, it was actually still a good time. The beaches were perfect, and I still daydream about that food. But next time, I think I’ll wear bug spray.


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